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1060 laser engraving machine

1060 laser engraving machine

product description:

Using DSP control technology, the industry's continuous and fast curve cutting function and short processing path optimization function greatly improve work efficiency. The design of fast cutting control software and the buffer function during high-speed movement can also improve production efficiency. The new software map AUTOCAD, CorelDRAW, adobe illustrator and other graphic design software can be ly connected, and the design software can directly output the function. The advanced layering can change the .com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>engraving order at will, and easily realize all or part of the output. You can freely use USB, U disk, network cable to transfer data, built-in large-capacity memory, multiple devices can share a computer, saving costs and improving work efficiency.

This is a hollow cutting .com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>.com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>.com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>.com> that can also be used as a handicraft .com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>engraving .com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>.com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>.com/products_article.html?goods_id=44>.com>, which can be adapted to a variety of processing, and the level error of the platform is less than 0.1mm.

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Release Time : 2022-02-09

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