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How to solve the problem that Tianjin laser welding machine does not emit light

Source:  Release Time : 2021-12-01

How to solve the problem that .com>.com> .com> .com> does not emit light

.com>.com> .com> .com> has the advantages of high energy density, small deformation, narrow heat-affected zone, high .com> speed, easy automatic control, and no follow-up processing, and abandons the traditional .com> method. If the .com>.com> .com> .com> has been used for a period of time, and the intensity of the light output is constantly declining, it may be caused by the aging of the components of the light source.

If the button of .com>.com> .com> .com> is normal, open the numerical control display interface to check whether the setting is continuous light output, if not, change it to continuous light output. Observe whether there is a display on the display interface and whether the number of outputs is normal when the display interface is running. After replacing the main board of the .com> .com>, observe whether it is normal. If it still does not emit light, replace the shutter.

If the .com> .com> has stable light output and stable light output power intensity before, it may be caused by the following two problems: there is a problem with the control system such as the software board; the optical path moves, or the hardware such as the power supply, generator, and cooling system fails. problem. Observe whether the light on the display screen of the .com> .com> is normal. If the .com> .com> can be converted but no light is displayed during .com>, first check whether the button of the CNC part is turned off. If it is turned off, turn on the button.

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