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What are the characteristics of laser welding equipment

Source:  Release Time : 2021-11-15

What are the characteristics of .com> equipment

Laser .com> equipment uses high-energy pulses to partially heat the heat exchanger in a small area. The energy of the radiation is dispersed to the interior of the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific molten pool. It is a new .com> method, mainly for the .com> of thin-walled materials and parts, and can complete spot .com>, butt .com>, stitch .com>, sealing .com>, etc., with high depth ratio, small weld width, small heat affected zone, and small deformation. , The .com> speed is fast, the .com> seam is flat and beautiful, the product after .com> does not need to be processed or only needs to be briefly processed, the .com> seam quality is high, there is no air hole, it can be accurately controlled, the focusing spot is small, the positioning accuracy is high, and it is easy to realize automation.

1. Using a high-power .com> power source does not require a tungsten needle. It is very easy to burn the tungsten needle to defeat the general argon arc .com>. It often takes a lot of time to replace the tungsten needle, and it is impossible to complete the mass production phenomenon.

2. The .com> temperature is small, the .com> speed is fast, the .com> seam has no carbonization phenomenon, and the .com> seam resistance is high after .com>, and it is not easy to break.

3. Active splicing clamping .com>, complete workpiece clamping quickly, high seam quality, high .com> yield, low requirements for operators and high operation.

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