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How to manually maintain the welding torch of the hand-held laser welding machine

Source:  Release Time : 2021-10-18

How to manually maintain the .com> torch of the hand-held .com> .com>

      1. Regularly check and replace the contact tip

      Due to the wear of the hand-held .com> .com>, the aperture of the contact tip becomes larger, which will cause the arc to be unstable, the appearance of the .com> seam will deteriorate, or the will be; The connection will be hot and welded.

      2. Regularly clean and replace the spring hose

      After the spring hose of the hand-held .com> .com> is used for a long time, a large amount of iron powder, dust, and plating scraps of the .com> will accumulate, which will make the feeding unstable. So regular cleaning is important, you can curl it and tap it lightly to shake off the buildup, then blow it off with compressed air. The grease on the hose should be scrubbed in the oil with a brush, and then blown off with compressed air. If the spring hose is wrongly d or seriously deformed and bent, a new hose should be replaced. When changing the tube, make sure that it is suitable for the diameter and length of the .com> used, and that there is no burr on the cut surface.

      3. Inspection of insulating ferrules

      If the insulating ferrule is removed for .com>, the spatter will adhere to the inside of the nozzle and conduct the nozzle to the live part. The torch may burn out due to a short circuit. At the same time, in order to make the protective gas flow out evenly, an insulating ferrule must be installed.

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